eFederalReserve.com Cash-- Tokens For Financial Education




To empower unbanked and disenfranchised demographics, eFederalReserve.com Cash (eFED) tokens can be used to rate social media financial gurus and their contributions to access financial education.


eFederalReserve.com Cash tokens will build a virtual value-added community that educates ALL individuals from basic banking to complex financial transaction and their personal consequences on society’s individual and collective well-being.


Through increasing acceptance of eFederalReserve.com Cash (eFED) tokens on social media platforms, we will become a trusted rating method to virtually value diverse finance education influencers.


Our main objective is optimal access to financial education for all individuals no matter net worth and investor sophistication.


eFederalReserve.com Cash (eFED) tokens are presently only available from www.uniswap.org and trade at 1 $eFED = 1 $eFED token if you desire to participate constructively to this nascent community with an important social purpose.


For additional information, please contact info@eFederalReserve.com.



eFederalReserve.com Cash token has no affiliation, directly or indirectly, with any Federal Reserve or any government related institution.


eFederalReserve.com Cash token is presently being developed and  is constantly evolving for optimal deployment and maximum educational impact.